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Core team applications are now open!

While there are no hard and fast criteria to be adhered to, successful core team members are expected to have certain proficiencies; certain things that they must "bring to the table" if you will.

Key amongst these requirements is the ability to think creatively. A demonstrated portfolio of editing/ designing/ artwork/ filmmaking/ videography/ etc. will be accepted.

The core team is what will be responsible for running the show after the current team graduates high school, and becomes the board of directors.

Edit: Due to the large number of irrelevant applications being received, only people who satisfy the below requirements may apply.

- A highschool student in an IB, A/AS/ AB/ ISC/ CBSE/ GCSE board institution.

- A GPA of 3.5 and a CGPA of 8.

- Excellence in one extra curricular activity.

  The word excellence is highly relative, so it could be being a member of the Bombay        Philarmonic, (yes, three of our members are), or having represented your state in

  a sport, or having received government recognition for your initiative, et cetera.

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