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The Youth Policy Collective - A Think Tank for Actual Thinkers.

As a global, youth-led think tank, we are a platform for the youth to be involved in the policy making process. While policy making affects everyone, not everyone has a say in it. Youth movements have taken the world by storm, but we still don't have a voice in the places where it matters. Giving young people a place in decision making builds a broader base of citizen involvement and creates stronger, more inclusive communities. Our world is undergoing widespread change and the emergence of numerous social and cultural issues has led to the largest overhaul of policy. Unfortunately, youth perspectives have been overlooked when addressing the pressing issues the global community faces today. Through a process of research, ideation and action, we bridge the gap between policy makers and the youth, giving a voice to our increasingly socially active generation.

Our Process: 01Dialogue and Data Collection Once we have defined the issue we will explore, we develop a holistic understanding of the issue with dialogue sessions. We have a keen focus on inclusiveness in our data collection process, incorporating perspectives from a variety of backgrounds and demographics.

02Interact with Specialists After we have developed an understanding of the perspectives and opinions of the youth, we consult with knowledgeable professionals who can provide an insight on the policy area and empower the youth with their experience.

03Develop a Conclusive Product We will then conduct, compile and analyze research and develop a suitable product. There are a variety of possible outcomes, ranging from policy papers to seminars. The objective is to explain the youth's perspective and advocate our generations’ voice.

04Publish the Product Once we have developed a high-quality product, we explore channels to publicize our findings and provide our input to the relevant institutions. We leverage our network and our platform of students, people and institutions to create an impact.

05Conduct Field Work Partnering with NGOs, corporates and other institutions, we aim to carry forward our input into implementation whenever possible. There are, once again, a wide range of possibilities, ranging from engagement with CSR programs to volunteering with NGOs.

You can get involved with YPC by applying to join their programmes here: All hands on deck people!

Stay tuned for an in-depth article on where the YPC came from and it's past accomplishments.

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